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Check in Update

By RRYFC President 09/30/2020, 10:30pm CDT

I hope you are all as excited as I am about the start of the season tomorrow.

I wanted to send a quick update on the check-in procedures tomorrow.

Please read message in its entirety so you know what to expect.

We will be practicing tomorrow at the football fields @ Old Settlers Park.  Details on practice field locations can be found here:

Attendance will be taken at the check-in desk. Coaches will not be able to take attendance on the field. If players, especially tackle, do not check-in, their attendance will NOT be counted. Tackle players are required to have a specific amount of hours for acclimation period as they progress towards full contact.

Acclimation schedule:
Day 1 & 2 (Thursday and Saturday) - Tshirt and Shorts.
Day 3 (Monday) - Add helmet
Day 4 (Tuesday) - Add shoulder pads
Day 5 (Thursday) - Add pants
*** If Tackle players miss any days or do not check-in, their acclimation will extend the same amount of days missed.
*** Mouthpieces are encouraged day 1, but required once helmets go on.
*** Flag helmets are encouraged day 1 if you have one. If you ordered one, please start wearing as soon as it arrives.  If you have not ordered yet, please do so right away.

CTYFL requires an additional Covid Waiver be signed for certification.  If possible, please print this form and bring with you tomorrow:

If you have not turned in your paperwork, please do so tomorrow.

Players will be assigned to a specific group at check-in. Players will attend every practice with their set group until teams are formed. As you check-in, we will tell each player what group they are assigned to.

If you have not had your picture taken, we will try to do that right after check in so please be a few minutes early.  I will be at the field to help direct players to the right place to be as they sign in. We must have pics of all players for certification. Without it, they cannot be certified or play this season. Please stay with your players through the entire check-in process. Do not send them by themselves.  As a reminder, masks are still required.

We want the kids on the field ASAP so if everyone can help us maintain a smooth process, it will be easier and faster for all.

We will have Seniors and Juniors groups on the far field.

All Pee-Wee and Rookie will be on field closest to concession. PW and Rookie Flag players will be on north end. PW and Rookie Tackle players will be on the south end.

Please find a place to hang behind the end zones once we start drills or on the surrounding, outside portions of the field. Please do not sit in between the fields.

I know it’s a lot to take in, but we have close to 160 players now with registrations still coming in. Your assistance to help us maintain organization will be greatly appreciated!

As always if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Thanks for all your support,

Alan Stickler
RRYFC President