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Round Rock Youth Tackle Football

Round Rock Youth Tackle Football

Our experience makes the difference! We are a Round Rock only premier football league with 23 years of excellence.  We have been in operation since 1997 and we are the largest flag and tackle football league in Central Texas.  Our league emphasis is attractive to the entire family as we promote a program that teaches fundamental football, cheerleading and fun.

Our league is committed to providing the best possible foundation for youth looking to develop their football skills prior to their start in middle school and high school athletics.  Because of this, we have formed our teams to compete against kids of the same age range across various leagues, with our only weight restriction in the Pee Wee division. 

Unlike other Round Rock area youth football leagues, our approach to provide non-weight restricted teams provides each player to the opportunity to perfect their skills against the type of competition and size they will face in middle school athletics, high school athletics and beyond. All head coaches and assistant coaches must have coaching experience and provide at least 3 references.  Coaches must also be USA football certified and national background checks must be cleared in order to coach. 

With our approach to providing a solid foundation of football fundamentals and teaching appropriate methods for blocking and tackling, our players will be better prepared the many shapes and sizes they will encounter in the "real" football world of middle school, high school, college and beyond.  After all, we all know that there are no weight restricted teams in middle school, high school and college football!

Our league is committed to matching our teams as evenly as possible by utilizing a "draft" process.  This process discourages the "stacking" of teams with certain players to create a select team.  Other Round Rock area youth football leagues that allow their teams to retain the same players from prior years removes the ability to ensure equality across teams and thus provides opportunities for stacking of teams to occur.

In addition, we support giving children the opportunity to change teams from year to year allows them to meet new people, make new friends, and expand their horizons socially.  They become more adept at understanding different personalities and different coaching styles, which helps them with life-long communication skills they will use in their adult lives.


Policy:  All players that attend at least 2 of the 3 scheduled practices during the week preceding a game must be guaranteed all of the minimum plays required as defined by the CTYFL MPR rules and regulations ( 6 per half for Peewee & 8 plays per half Rookie and above in 2020 ).  Players who attend only 1 of the 3 scheduled practices during the week preceding a game will be guaranteed half of the minimum play requirements as defined by CTYFL MPR rules and regulations (3 per half for Peewee & 4 plays per half Rookie and above in 2020).  Players that do not attend any of the 3 scheduled practices during the week preceding a game will not be guaranteed any minimum plays.  Seniors playing in middle school are exempt from 1 practice per week.

2020 Tackle Football Registration

2020 Tackle Season


 PeeWee Tackle (5-6 yr old) --$230 until 10/1

Rookie Tackle (7-8 yr old) --$230 until 10/1

Junior Tackle (9-10 yr old) --$230 until 10/1

Senior Tackle (11-12 yr old) --$230 until 10/1

Register to Coach


Important (Fall Season) Information

1.) Late Registration begins on September 1st, of 2020.

2.) Paperwork Collection Date, tbd, mid-September. Please find your child’s appropriate division or divisions and bring the required documentation.

Documents to bring for Paperwork Collection

1.) Completed Physical Form (may use valid phyiscal from 2019). 

2.) Photo’s will be taken of your child to apply to their Certification Card.  ( We will have mulitple cameras available for a quick experience)

3.) Mandatory copy of your Childs Birth Certificate. (We will not accept the original.

4.) CTYFL Wavier Completed

5.) CTYFL Parent/Spectator Form Completed



1.) RRYFC Tiger Football and Cheer Apparel will be available for Purchase.

2.) We will have Game Pants, Pads, and Jersey's to try on; ensuring correct sizes for ordering.


  1. Helmets (white only)
  2. Practice Pants and Jersey
  3. Shoulder Pads
  4. Mouth Guard

Interested in Coaching

Ready to Coach? Here Is What You Can Expect.

We take coaching very seriously and do everything we can to ensure that our coaches and players have everything they need to do their jobs well. 

To coach for the Round Rock Tigers, you must be prepared to:

  • Adhere to a background check
  • Take the CDC "Heads UP" certification online
  • Receive the Avatus coaching certification online
  • Be present and prepared to practices and games
  • Follow all of the league's rules and guidelines
  • Encourage players and parents to become better at the game and better human beings
  • Understand that coaching is more than play calling

The Registration "Round Rock Youth Tackle Football" is not currently available.